Productivity is really doing more by doing less

My first job, which I loved and enjoyed so much, was an endless cycle of synchronization and subscriptions, meetings and wasted time in the conflict. I do not remember too much. I lived alone and lived with my parents. I like spending ineffective hours at the office going home and answering questions about marriage, the MBA and other life plans. The problem was that my first job was to get into the idea that long hours were the only way to get things done. It was another problem at the time, and I had no interest in seeing how inefficient our style of work was. Image: My second job is another ball game! A 750-member business unit in a Fortune 500 with too many people and too little work to do, it means a slow day for too many cups of coffee, too many rumors and little sense of accomplishment. in. I spent a little over a year there. Then came my third job and with that, a manager was a rockstar time management and a performer without comparison! I faced the concept of high productivity for the first time in my life. Our group stayed after one hour for two years and we were there. Suddenly, I have the bandwidth to do more, not only at work but also in life. I read more books, I watch more movies, I cook more and I go more than I had in my years of work. And I learned and did more. For me, there is no return from there. Productivity, speed and time management have become the subject of my life. To have a life becomes important; As I found a simple sense of accomplishment by being effective at all times I worked. I have tried to distinguish what is geared towards the balance between work and perfect life. Maximize working hours is essential In simple terms, it’s important to find the balance between the important and not ‘importance. Losing time in constant combat with things that do not affect the work of my team and my mind does not make sense. Accepting all meeting requests, attending unprepared meetings, endless conversations, completing up-ups, organizing the rumor means that I stayed behind the hours to complete to-do list. I reduce the lunch hour, I stay at 30 minutes instead of normal hours. I’m not saying it will work for you too. What I mean by that is that people at work need to find what is important for them to get the job done and stay connected and motivated. All is not worth doing or joining. Another lesson is to try to do everything right the first time. In the roles of clients like the people I work with, we often work extremely tight deadlines, turn them into half-done jobs, and engage in a never-ending cycle of revision and reprimand. There is no price to guess that this is nothing for productivity or future momentum. Ask questions, get your point summary, do some research for yourself “do everything you need to do your job well.” Planning and structure are the basics of management time. Normally, with little information at hand, I noticed that individuals avoided planning and structuring. Other reasons, they say, are the creativity that thrives in chaos, I’m not quite sure of the second reason, but even if it’s true, in the end we’re all professionals at work, not the whimsical artist, everyone has time to meet and everyone depends on your ability to meet deadlines and structures. Of course, at least, a solid plan for your work is a direction, it detects all the priorities of the parties and analyzes them. It gives you a semblance of time and helps you to estimate and follow your time on various activities effectively. It is the backbone of project management and can help groups anticipate potential and preventative challenges and prepare for good failures. If you think about it, in some projects, the time starts to flow down the drain only in the event of a breakdown or failure. If you are well prepared when the pressure is not running and Always be wise, you will save time and worry when the project starts and is in a mess. Priority, not guilty Whether it is prioritized for your life as much as you prioritize work if not more or Confirm your work hours without interruption There really is no need to feel guilty about this. Usually, people think that one-sided attention to their task list can hurt the team spirit. Nothing can be added from the truth. As one of the smartest masters in productivity and time management, when you become good at managing time, you realize it’s a co-operative thing. I want to make people more effective. It is not a selfish thing; It is not me against you. Itare, “How can we all work together?” There is nothing wrong with the clarity of your time and attention towards others when you are in the middle of something important or feel free to turn off your phone, instant message and e-mail. and call notifications so you can focus on the exercise without distraction. If you have ever prioritized and managed the time in your team, all of you will become more efficient and, at the same time, have more time for a more complete life. Get the life! And I mean, the last couple of years have seen new interest in entertainment and community involvement outside of work, which is different from the last generation. The same has reduced the first in the quest to make money and make his identity. the life of many hobbies, work will only be one of them, and believe me go, your life will feel like it makes more sense. Set a goal outside the work – a marathon, a small hand, a book you want to read, or a community project you want to participate in. This will give you the reason to leave the office at a reasonable time and focus. In general, everyone wants to have a good balance between work and personal life, everyone likes to spend time with or hobbies, or at least look at the ceiling and make plans to dominate the world scratching my ears, like saying an essay on work-life balance in advertising. Make it a goal and start working there. Believe me, you do not even need you feel threatened or threatened to have a life if you can do a reasonable job in the hours you spend at work. Finding your optimal balance between work and private life is not an uncommon idea that some bosses or employers will believe you. Do not fall for that. Read more: Combining Apps with Behavior Change to Increase Your Productivity .

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