Reliance Industries temporarily overthrew TCS to become the most valuable company in India

Today Reliance Industries (RIL) of Mukesh Ambani, with a market value of Rs 4.57.641 per day, became the “most valuable company” in India, surpassing Tata. Groupare Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), with a market capitalization of Rs 4.57.386, for the first position. (L) Mukesh Ambani and (R) N Chandra The recorded information is 09.37 light, the BSE data is displayed. RIL increased at least 1.2 percent and was established at Rs 1,407.50, which led RIL to the maximum price of Rs 4.57.641, while TCS dropped 0.03 percent to Rs.2,321.40. His reign in the head was short, at 9:51 a.m., RIL reduced the gains in the profit reserve, so he slipped to number two again. The capitalization of RIL was approximately Rs 4.56.682 after the shares fell 1.5%, while TCS closed with a 0.5% decrease to Rs 4.57.099. notes that this time marks the end of an eight-year inefficiency storm for RIL. RIL has increased by 30 percent in 2017 so far and has gradually reached the highest of all time in about eight years. TCS, on the other hand, registered a reduction of two percent in the calendar year 2017. As one article points out, RIL is the most valuable company in India from 2008 to 2013., but its value fell to the lowest level in the fourth. place in the IT sector in 2015, due to many factors, such as the investment stage of many companies, the reduction of gas production and complete The scene leads to the launch of Jio, drilling with uncertainty and speculation. Although TCS will announce the results of Q4FY17 today, RIL is expected to publish data on April 24, 2017. The gap between the market capitalization of both The two companies fell and narrowed in January 2017 in comparison with January 2016, according to the data provided by Capitaline, which lasted during the last decade. It may be due to Jio’s success story. . .

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