Reliance Jio reached 100 million customers, said Mukesh Ambani

Reliance Industries president Mukesh Ambani said today that Jio’s subscriber base is growing at a rate not expected at launch. When we started with Jio, we set a goal. For you, we will acquire 100 million customers in the shortest possible time. We do not even imagine that we would do it for months. The company has provided free 4G service since its launch on December 27, 2015 to RIL staff and then opened it to all customers on September 5, 2016, completing more than 160 days of commercial activity. We only set goals for ourselves. Aadhaar allows us to get a million customers every day that we have not seen in the industry in general, says Ambani. The company provides connectivity based on the instant verification of the Aadhaar customer base. Jio has surpassed 50 million subscribers in just 83 days, growing at an average rate of 6,000 subscribers per day and surpassing the rates of subscriber addition worldwide Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype. More recently, Reliance Industries has said that Jio Telecom has attracted 72.4 million subscribers since December 31, 2016. However, the subscriber base quickly emerged in the context of the incumbent company . Operators in network connectivity problems where rival Jio claimed to have provided him with enough connection points. Subscriber growth led by the Ambani company decreased. Jio will expand its top plan until June, but with a turn

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