Salim Mirza, bus driver Amarnath was attacked, saved 50 lives

During the terrorist attack in Anantnag, where a bus of Amarnath pilgrims was attacked by recent terrorists, seven people were killed and 19 wounded. Showing courage and responsibility, bus driver Salim Mirza continued and saved 50 lives by taking them to a safer place when the terrorist attack took place. The bus transported pilgrims from Baltal to Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir and the attack took place in Anantnag on the way. After helping the passengers to move to a safer place, Salim drove them two kilometers and reached a military camp on the Srinagar-Jammu highway. In an interview with SS, Salim said, It was around 8 pm when the bus was surrounded by terrorists. They first pulled ahead with the intention of removing the driver. I dodge on the side to escape the ball and keep moving forward. I do not know how I had the power to go at that time. Maybe Allah helped me and gave me strength. I want to thank the bus driver for saving everyone’s life even in case of fire. We will name his name for the brave award. Speaking of the tragedy, Javed Mirza, the driver’s cousin, recounted the call he received from Salim about the attack. He called me around 9:30 pm to announce the fire. He told me he did not stop there when the terrorists were fired and sought only a safer place for the pilgrims. He could not save seven lives but managed to place 50 people in a safe place. I’m proud of him, Do you have an interesting story to share? Please email us at tci Qua Contact Us . To stay up to date with more positive news, please connect with us and. . .

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