SaralHai, launched from Indore, is a great help for cafes, restaurants and customers

Varuna says: “My father was a successful businessman and I’ve been looking for him since he was a little boy.” The pragmatism he shows during driving, I have to say that he’s the one who pushed me to pursue my dream and become my own boss. “There was one thing that always told me” Keep your mind focused Do not fall for all the offers to follow your path Do not be attracted to short candy. “With such valuable life lessons learned from his father, Today Varuna is the founder. She tries to choose the path that offers the greatest value for SaralHai in the long term. Varuna was co-founder of the company together with Archit Jai. ny Devashish Aildasani on March 3, 2015. According to Varuna, “Archit is even more fervent than Sarawood, so I dropped out of college to focus entirely on the company, he is very active and dedicated to building Our brand in Indore and abroad, I have blind faith in his ability to work, he is a complete worker and can work for many days without having much time to rest in. On the other hand, Devashish deals with commercial development and financial management. ” Although she has no formal work experience before SaralHai, Varuna, 21, is always interested in the market, probably buying at the supermarket with her mother or her buyers. SaralHai Team SaralHai, like his name, helps fish. Main products / services e They introduced the SaralHai Cash card essentially helping everyone. Customers can buy food at partner stores using a cash card, which is provided at the lowest rate. Then, coffee can buy the same amount of fruits / vegetables from SaralHai. Instead of the money they receive in cash from the customer, this is a win-win situation. SaralHai has profitable margins. Growth and sales projection The average monthly income is Rs 6.5. During the next six months, they plan to reach a monthly average of Rs. They have achieved a sales growth of at least 10% per month. He said: “As the number of cafes and restaurants increases, these profits will definitely increase. goal is to bring all the cafes / restaurants under the same disc and play exclusively. In addition to the three co-founders, they have between 15 and 17 employees who have worked with them and the night to run SaralHai without problems. They also organize internships in which they hire university students for marketing, sales, content writing and design.After they pass the trial period, some of them are hired. . It seems silly, make him think that maybe he needs to take off his socks and stop complaining. ?? She advised that women should fight in their own style. Gather enough people with the same concerns and formulate a theoretical argument. Be informed and get it out, ?? she added. Some time ago, I saw this interesting video explaining the agreement in a very simple way. It says, If you’re still struggling with consent, imagine that instead of starting sex, you’re making them a cup of tea. ?? Women say that men today can not understand the concept of consent. Of course, anyone has the right to suggest, but if it continues constantly, although the other part is “no”. Then it is a serious problem. Legal recours. and And surprisingly, surprisingly, there is legal certainty at your fingertips. redressal) Act of 2013, the lawyer Kanti Joshi, convene, Sasha (Support against sexual harassment), said, the infringing party, if she is working in The infringing company or not, has right to file a complaint with the commission of sexual harassment at work offenderare. show the guidelines presented and give a fair hearing to the person If this is an unresolved appeal from the offending party, you can file your complaint the local complaints committee. However, this is easy to say. More from Laysmi Lundmi, Most lawyers will allow women to go to a criminal complaint that then gets complicated. ?? It is expected that each organization with 10 or more employees has a commission against sexual harassment below which is now sexual harassment of women at work (Prevention, prohibition of said law, and mitigation) ) 2013. Kanti in three, four months, your organization has several new companies access to the requirements for the application of the provisions of the law. It takes a lot of courage to call out the aggressor, especially the powerful and powerful, in a public forum. As women say, it is always our word against them. There is a Bantu word, Ilunga, that aptly captures the feelings of women in the release of today’s ecosystems – Are you ready to forgive and forget? the second time, but never forgive him and you can not tolerate the third offense. (If ever being sexually harassed at work, share it)

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