Scam: is the government that wants to create jobs, not young people, but entrepreneurs.

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen the state government take entrepreneurship seriously. Narendra Modi was not blamed for exposing the idea, as a modern idea, but as a viable career option. The Education Minister of the State of Gujarat, Bhubandrasne Chudasama, recently met 25 vice-presidents, on behalf of the students, to meet the prospects of business ideas. The state will soon implement an integrated start-up policy for all universities, and to celebrate ideas that reach business ideas, there will also be a “start-up day.” The hypothesis of Indian states is simple; they believe that if at least five people are employed by startups, the problem of rising unemployment will decline. At present, the Labor Office keeps 5% of the workforce of 300 million people in India unemployed. Remember, the rate can be higher because many collectibles are temporary jobs. However, the goal of each state’s starting policy is to ensure six million startups in the country each year. Only 40 percent of companies are absorbed. “Skilling has been one of the biggest social problems with other challenges.” Founder of Infosys and former CEO Shibulal SD interview, it is a good step to take “policies, but start-up entrepreneurs to support their ideas Meeting start Minister of Education < / p> Other cases not behind Gujarat Each copy has its own state vision. Throughout the state of Karnataka Declaration has gone becoming at least 50 Total Startup Center, under the New Age Entrepreneurship Program (Anian), has a startup policy . Soon, the state will be more than 200 colleges, the Nain network serves as Kilaange and the focus of the incubator start on female entrepreneurs. Taxation Universities and Entrepreneurship will set a comprehensive policy that regulates entrepreneurship rather than reducing drama. The Talangana and Andra Skills Development Leadership Road The Tilakana Academy of Knowledge and Knowledge (TASK) will facilitate the easy recruitment of students through the Certificate Program The Prime Minister of Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatnam is trying to make the country’s nascent capital and has already inspired the college network to join the city to promote entrepreneurship. “Every country in their program has a spirit of development,” he said. Initiative and skills. Irene says Mahatma Bai Capital Managing Director, but should implement the right way to build a future business. Today, in every city, without mentioning a single word, there is no industry event and education start-up ministers. Maharashtra also introduced the State Innovation Council, which Biswvid and Yalyon students support ideas last year, see to unveil the orientation of the Rajasthan startup policy considerations 50 incubator, which will attach to the state colleges, if Orissa state, Bangalore Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, at each startup But what is used when most engineering colleges are in the south? “The social attitudes of the society to choose the city is also very important, and need to be the ecosystem of academics, manufacturing and technology.Dashbandi Gururay Deshbandi founder, Tejas Networks Chairman” only three or four countries are eligible for it. We hope to have a deep and long impact in working with the enterprise to join the education policy. Currently, the start-up movement seems like a desperate attempt to revive a land that has been struggling to create jobs. In large companies, the manufacturing, automation, road, and the opportunity to set up small manufacturing houses are in spite of the lack and employment of many people .. But many new entrepreneurs are unwilling to give risk to small businesses in manufacturing due to strict policies and corruption, , There is no bank without collateral. At present, Startup India and Make in India want to stand. The 2016 budget announced tax benefits for small businesses, and it is hoped that this university and industry will become a reality to work with startups. I will go.

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