Sikh volunteers come to Bangladesh – Myanmar border to help Rohingya refugees

Members of an Sikh organization, Khalsa Aid International, traveled to the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar to help Rohingya Muslim families fleeing Myanmar. A group of volunteers from Khalsa Aid International arrived at the border on September 10, 2017. A message that volunteers uploaded to Facebook described extreme situations of desperation and said, “Operation . We need your support. Speaking to ss, Amarpreet Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid India, said: It’s the first day of We’re here today and we did the evaluation before we started a major rescue operation. We are ready to help around 50,000 people, but there are more than three million refugees. They live without water, without food, without clothes and without shelter. It’s miserable, to say the least. Amarpreet in Teknaf, a border town in Bangladesh, where refugees are not immune to continued rain. Khalsa Aid aims to provide them with langar and shelter. They also want to give them the canvas, but the arrangements may take a while because they do not expect many refugees. In trying to make the necessary arrangements as soon as possible, they also launched a campaign called Rohingya Refugees Relief to donate. Khalsa Aid has called for an emergency relief program. The United Nations has criticized Myanmar’s Myanmar counterpart, Aung San Suu Kyi, for crimes against human rights, which has driven nearly 2.70,000 Rohingya Muslims. in Bangladesh. Do you have an interesting story to share? Please email us at tci Qua Contact Us . To stay up to date with more positive news, please connect with us and. . .

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