[Techie Tuesdays] 10 tech wizards who are impacting the world

Coding is a passion for some people and for others it is life. Most people code to solve problems which they face themselves, but in the process they end up making life easy for all of us. In this roundup of Techie Tuesdays we look at another set of techies who work hard on problems and help us discover new possibilities apart from contributing to make the world a better place.Ravi Suhag – Coming from farmlands and tinkering with electronics, Ravi Suhag has built a reputation for winning hackathons. He started by tearing apart electronic devices in his home and funded his first venture by selling health insurance door-to-door. Ravi’s journey is nothing less than inspiration personified. Anand ChitipothuAnand Chitipothu – Anand belongs to the rare breed of hackers who prefer to work not for money but for social good. He is a python enthusiast and works on Open Library – a project under the Internet Archive initiative, which aims to have a web page for every book ever published. Anand is a very active member of the Python Community and is working towards increasing awareness about Python in the country.Anshul Singhale – An Android developer who loves cashing on opportunities, Anshul is the co-founder of BetaGlide, a Platform for Android developers to test the usage of their apps and then make improvements accordingly. Anshul wants to remain a programmer for his entire life.Adityo Deshmukh – Programmed (read: copy-pasted) his first game on computer when he was in fourth class because he was bored of playing them. A veteran, Adityo was part of the early tech team at Cleartrip. He is a full-stack coder and loves to mentor people for the startup grind. Vedang Manerikar, scaling systems at HelpshiftVedang Manerikar – A Senior Platform member at HelpShift, Vedang makes sure that the systems don’t crash under load as they scale. Apart from coding, Vedang is also a mythology buff who even got an offer from UTV to write a script for Mahabharata.Kenneth Rietz – Kenneth wrote the ‘Requests Module’ in Python. With over 18 Million downloads and 300 contributors, Requests is one of the most used modules in Python. Kenneth is a diehard hacker and holds a special place for India in his heart. Arvind Sanjeev, the inventor of ‘desi’ Google GlassArvind Sanjeev – A Wearables and Internet of Things buff, nearly every project Arvind takes on has the potential to be converted into a full-fledged startup. Arvind is also the co-founder of Fin, a wearable ring controller for smart devices. Talk about Hovercrafts, Quad copters, Robots –  Arvind has done it all.Debharghya Das – It was a bad day for ICSE when Debharghya Das hopped on to their website. He not only exposed the anomalies in the evaluation system but also figured out the lack of security on their servers. He has worked on systems which do orbit analysis and has helped visually challenged people enjoy YouTube videos by writing plugins for them. Aaron SwartzAaron Swartz – Aaron needs no introduction. He sacrificed his life for the freedom of Internet. Aaron was just  14 years old when he co-authored the RSS 1.0 Standards. Most other members were surprised to know his age.  He was also a member of W3C consortium and played an instrumental role in co-creating Markdown format, a markup standard derived from HTML.Dhananjay Kumar – Dhananjay is a five-time Microsoft MVP and specializes in Microsoft technologies. He is actively involved in spreading C# and .NET education and regularly conducts workshops around it. Dhananjay also goes to villages to teach computers to under privileged kids. He is the director of C# Corner Annual Conference.

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