Thank you, we have raised $ 6 million and this has increased your expectations and our videos

I do not have much to share for everyone, but I think I should share this news with you. Just tell everyone to read this, thank you very much. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I’m happy to share that videoix has raised $ 6 million, finalized this month, led by UC-RNT, Kalaari Capital, 3one4 Capital and Qualcomm Ventures. For me, this milestone reflects not only the continuing pursuit of videoix that every entrepreneur working in a space is considered “un-sexyn” and can not be extended by investors and professionals . Building a digital media company that tells the story of entrepreneurs is a fantastic dream and we chose to live this dream with the utmost pride and dedication. Everyday, every day since 2008. For me, videosix is not just a new media technology company. Entrepreneurs in the start-up ecosystem in India, our survival and growth are representative of the growth and survival of the Indian ecosystem. He is nine years old and has seen many ups and downs, ups and downs. Digital media companies are wondering how they will develop. To be honest, I do not know the right answer, except that we will pursue the impossible. And we will not give up. Please fight. Ready for a Jeff Bezos line, One of the only ways out of a waterproof box is to invent your way. ?? And we will do it. The dream of building a new global digital media company out of India is a unique opportunity, and we are pursuing it with socks. both heart and crazy. Just to give you the background, we’re still raising $ 4 million this year. Six months into the year, we are close to half and confident that we will reach our goal. Itare a hunt, a fight, which sometimes seems to never end but we can not live without it. We are looking abroad. My dream is to have a company that becomes a reference in India and around the world for inspiring stories and the most important, hopeful. I am also very happy to share that we recently started videosix Germany to cover the ecosystem there and bring the entrepreneurs from Germany and India closer together to collaborate and form useful relationships long-term. We hope to expand our presence to other markets soon. It’s not just a trip videoix that is the journey of all Indians who are part of the business ecosystem. You, as you have always maintained, are relentlessly engaged in the search for trust and hunger for us to make it important for India and the world. I would like to personally thank Vani Kola, who was my pillar of strength, she encouraged me and stood beside me while others were doing it. felt like a partner who was not an investor with me, most importantly, she made me a better CEO. My sincere thanks also came to UC-RNT for leading this tour, especially Ratan Tata, he is my biggest model, and Mathias, who redefined me last year, what a true friend and promoter means, I thank Mohandas Pai for him Be amazed and trust, encourage, support every means, every day, and Pranav Pai to have faith in the first place. They inspire me to hunt hard. And Qualcomm Ventures continues to support and encourage. Basically, thanks to investors believe in this dream. You are a breeder who rarely believes that when most breeds you do not believe: -) And thanks to all who make fun, questions, mocks and believe that the next step I will do is to be my last. Thank you for giving me more motivation to push more. Whenever I fall, I think of you, get up, brush and run again. The family and friends of videoix at the TechSparks event were recently signed. And of course, I want to thank the videoix glorious and crazy souls. We are close to a hundred. “We fight, we argue but we come together and create magic with the purity of our goal. If you are attending TechSparks 2017 for the last time week, you will not see some of this magic rub on you too. We share a passionate passion to bring videoix to life for you and all your loved ones. Stay with us and promise to improve, to do better and to create together important stories. .

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