The 8-yr-old phenomena called Octro and the Indian mobile gaming industry

In our last article, we wrote about the accidental entrepreneur Saurabh Aggarwal, Founder of Indian mobile gaming company Octro Inc. An entrepreneur for 13 years now, Saurabh started Octro in 2006 which was into VOIP (voice over IP) for almost six years and then pivoted to gaming.The company brought games like Teen Patti and Rummy which Indians have been playing for generations into digital space. Within two years, Teen Patti achieved what no other Indian game could do. It garnered 10M+ downloads on Google play store alone.In this piece, Saurabh spoke about the gaming industry and Octro’s tryst with age-old Indian games. Saurabh Aggarwal, the geek-turned-gamer behind Teen Patti, the game with 10 million+ downloadsGaming Industry in IndiaGaming Industry in India is still considered to be at a nascent stage. Its growth has been fueled by the growing number of smartphone and internet users in the country. Potentially, all these users are gamers. Globally, mobile gaming market size is estimated to touch $30 billion this year and cross $40 billion mark in the next two years. Despite the massive increase in the number of gamers in the country, unlike the US market it has been challenging for the mobile gaming companies to monetize.Saurabh says,It’s a rapidly changing industry. What happens here in six months, probably takes six years in the enterprise world. Anybody coming into the gaming industry needs to know that they are getting on a treadmill and they need to continue running.One of the biggest problems in this industry is the loss of gamers’ interest in a game after its peak. Every game follows a curve which goes up and then starts declining. We need to focus on keeping that decline slower. We can do that using analytics, keeping games more interesting for the users.It is very important to follow the deadlines because users move out of the game very fast. Octro has innovated and adapted a lot in Teen Patti.Related read: Saurabh Aggarwal, the geek-turned-gamer behind Teen Patti, the game with 10 million+ downloadsThe gaming platformOctro has been working on a B2B gaming platform in the recent past. They haven’t still opened it up and are figuring out the right time and right partners to do that. Saurabh spoke about their current (B2C) platform,On our platform, users from Windows, Android, iOs and HTML sites can connect to and share information. Our platform supports multiple range of devices. Our platform also supports IDE as a client platform. We have added a lot of features and analytics to make it more robust and different.Octro claims to now track users’ movement of how they go through a game or how their progression is in the game.You can download   and s.You may also like: How this Indore-based startup is bringing offline gaming to the big screenDo you know this Indian gaming startup that conducts cricket meetups in Pakistan?

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