The BookMyShow product group decodes how WhatsApp for Business operates

Several months of ‘terminal coding’ with a company based in Menlo Park, California, USA, BookMyShow has recently confirmed that it is the first online ticketing brand. India’s participation in the pilot program ‘WhatsApp for Business’. In a blog titled, ‘s’ WhatsApp has shared its plans to open its corporate email platform. The long-term goal is to enable businesses to share contextual information and interact directly with customers. On a video call, Ravdeep Chawla, Product Manager and Nirali Shah, Product Manager at BookMyShow shared more details about the partnership and the work experience with the WhatsApp team in this area. pilot program. Nirali Shah and Ravdeep Chawla WhatsApp works on WhatsApp WhatsApp for Business can be integrated with client settings during in recent weeks, BookMyShow says it will make WhatsApp a default ticket confirmation n channels for all users in the near future. Ravdeep noted that as of Thursday night, BookMyShow will deploy this feature to 25% of its user base. Thus, when customers in this 25% place book their tickets on BookMyShow, they will receive a WhatsApp message from their verified BookMyShow account. videosix reported on the software launch, but WhatsApp and BookMyShow declined to comment at that time. Related Reading: Ravdeep noted that at BookMyShow, the team is working to improve the end-user experience. The partnership with WhatsApp seems to be a good decision considering the popularity and user base of WhatsApp in India. He said, Keeping up with hobbies and changing habits, we decided to integrate BookMyShow with WhatsApp for the pilot program. WhatsApp has definitely become a preferred way to communicate with millions of people in our country and we can determine the immense value of making it a default ticketing channel. We have started to implement this feature and over the next few weeks we aim to extend this coverage to our entire user base. Ravdeep described the WhatsApp process that would require the BookMyShow team to share comments or fill out surveys, it’s back the next day. The WhatsApp group is also quick to implement and adds features to products based on feedback. Ravdeep also noted that although WhatsApp currently has a lean group based in the United States, it’s a great experience when working with them remotely. He also explained that in addition to a non-commercial meeting with a senior WhatsApp official in Mumbai, almost all other interactions are online and especially on WhatsApp. Nirali gives a brief overview of how WhatsApp for Business works. play on the auxiliary program. BookMyShow now has access to two WhatsApp APIs – Send APIs. Get an API. Nirali explains that by using these APIs, BookMyShow can detect if clients are reserving on the platform whose WhatsApp account is currently active and BookMyshow. Try to send a WhatsApp message with the ticket details. On the other hand, if a customer does not have a WhatsApp account associated with their number or is in a bad zone, BookMyShow will send the SMS confirmation details. Ravdeep explains the mechanism behind this process and why BookMyShow does not leave SMS: We do not give up SMS for various reasons. Consumers can not be on the data network when booking tickets. So we took 60 seconds and watched if we had received a distribution report from WhatsApp, then sent SMS confirmation as a backup. WhatsApp also offers a BookMyShow analysis pane in which companies can have an overview of the messages transmitted via the platform. Nirali explains, We can check the time a message was sent and when it was sent. It is more While BookMyShow has access to the Send API, Ravdeep and Nirali explain that the company does not meet the tracking requirements on WhatsApp. Users are redirected to a support site if they try to start a conversation, which many people make out of curiosity. However, Ravdeep noted that in the future, BookMyShow can assign employees from their contact center team to respond to queries related to WhatsApp support. BookMyShow recently introduced “Plan-it” n “, an in-app email feature that allows your friends and family to interact in real time and perfect the option. movie or location from the chat window. She said, In the future, we will be happy to explore the integration with WhatsApp where we allow users to schedule movies there, but some features like can be restricted. For BookMyShow, due to technical limitations. On the nature of the partnership, Ravdeep says there is still no currency exchange between WhatsApp and BookMyShow, and that the partnership is still in the pilot phase. He also said that WhatsApp did not share the exact framework of my revenue strategy with BookMyShow at this time. However, speaking of the overall experience, he noted, This is a great learning experience when working with the WhatsApp team. In addition, most consumer feedback so far has been positive. Many people are really surprised and happy to receive ticket confirmations, QR codes and coupons on WhatsApp. .

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