The center speaks of a ban on “three talaq” in India

It has been 69 years since that fateful night when India, as everyone knows, woke up with two bitterly divided nations. Appreciated by some and criticized by others, it is a perpetual reality, accepted by both Hindus and Muslims. In a series of community riots that erupted with revenge, even a few days after we had two, the Muslims of India were the ones who had the most losses at the time. Image credit: But their fate was decided even before the partition date. In the years following the Battle of Plassey (1757), India saw British politics officially celebrate domestic political domination on behalf of the crown. With this it is the responsibility of managing a group of people from different cultures and races. Since he had no uniform code of law at that time they decided to manage the masses by introducing a place where the Hindus were governed by “Hindu personal lawn” and the Muslims by the way. “personal Muslims”. Grass ‘. In simple terms, it basically means that Hindus and Muslims will be influenced by the interpretation of the various religious texts of their respective religions. Coming to the common law of Islam, it has been ordained Indian priests will be ruled by. However, while the Hindu Individual Law is codified, standardized and even modified, its Islamic counterpart is not, so it expands to explain and make it more sensitive. The reason to talk about Islamic law today is the fact that it is a touch-me-notn aspect that could be the reason behind the law of Islamic fundamentalism. In today’s India, most of the places where Indian Muslim women are at a disadvantage are very unjust. Those most prominent are “Talaq-e-bidatn” or “Triple Talaqn” where a man Muslims can divorce their wives by pronouncing talaq in more than one “tuhrn” (interval between two menstrual cycles) or in a “tuhrn” after intercourse, or pronouncing a divorce right away It is possible to withdraw immediately (unilaterally triple talaq) other note the fact that “Nikah halalan”, which refers to the second marriage of a middle-aged woman then divorced her to her before that c Today, the unquestionable concept of Triple Talaq is gaining new strengths and new media. Teachers even resorted to email, social media and text messaging to spread the fear of talaq talaq talaqn wife, resulting in an immediate divorce and affirmation, without saying anything to woman in question. Women are later exterminated and many of them lack financial support for their custody (if any) and often they are not eligible to find a custodial parent. job . As a result, they were helplessly watching and accepting the erratic rotation of their former husbands. However, this mainstream practice has been positively challenged by reform and social reform groups in the last few years and finally, after some recommendations. The Apex Tribunal called for a public debate on the highest judicial authority to review Islamic personal law and be able to comply with the fundamental rights regime under the supreme law. Constitution, ?? In the meantime, the Center must provide a unified response to the Supreme Court through a deputy deputy consisting of an intergovernmental council, including Minister of the Interior Rajnath Singh, Minister Minister of Railways Suresh Prabhu Arun Jaitley and Minister for Development of Women and Children Maneka Gandhi . The Justice Minister must act on behalf of all stakeholders, including the National Committee for Women and the Ministry of Development for Women and Children, the source said. In recent weeks, the team has tested the problem of three talaq in India. Instead of reporting to the Supreme Court, this court appears to be challenging formal practice. Islamic law is not consolidated in India, which means that there is no law. He opened the door to anyone’s explanation. This is the main reason why Muslims can get rid of almost anything. It has become easier for them to divorce their wives in the digital age. We are facing some cases of men using digital media to divorce their wives. Noorjehan Safia Niaz, founding member of Islamic Bharatiya Mahila Andolan, who transplanted in 11 states for the rise of Muslim women in India. The strange thing is that India allows talaq by mouth and ba. The practice is banned in most Muslim countries, including neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh. What many people do not know is that the Supreme Court insisted on uniform law and even ordered a man to pay support to his ex-wife after divorce and have her. abandoned However, sources say the government has been pressured by various Muslim leaders to stay away from their individual issues, fearing losing important electoral votes. Yes, of course, strong religious organizations such as the Islamic Personal Council from all over India support this practice, saying it is in the “legislative domain” in addition to being “based”. on religious works “, so it can not intervene. To accomplish the indignation of opposition parties, they also say that practices like “three talaqn” are protective measures for Muslim women because their husbands can eliminate them simply to endure long-lasting trials. . wait a while to make a lawsuit. In fact, they say, a practice ban can promote anger and impatience of the husband and lead him to “kill his wife” as easily. However, the tumultuous Indian women find a positive voice large enough to draw the attention of the Center, demanding that this rough practice end, Once for the organizations toutes.Les as all the lumped all contacts, resources and effort to bring the fun to their October 16th administration, the Supreme Court decided to publish signed a womenare quest for Islamic Suo motu PIL entitled For Equality of Gender Sexuality Women subjected to Islamic personal law, the government’s mandate to provide Muslim women with rights of them and also said he would put his government on the account of the practice ban this unconstitutional? Teach mothers, sisters to be protected. We should not consider religion. Mothers and sisters should be respected, ?? The prime minister said. Although the opposition parties considered Modiare’s speech to be completely politically motivated? Instead of the upcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh, the prime minister did not hesitate to stand up. He pledged his support in banning this practice, hoping to lead in the last part of a largely regressive life for the Muslim woman of India.

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