The government of Modi Devil for the nation: Nirmala Sitharaman

The Modi government “owed” the devil to the nation and had to do it to eliminate the threat of black money and return the accumulated money to the banking system, said Union Minister Nirmala, Sitharaman today. . the courage to take such a bold step. The reason why the government feels it needs to do this, says Sitharaman, is part of the “electoral promise we made to prove the threat of money.” As soon as we were in power, we started with the establishment of a special investigation team, issuing a non-disclosure statement, adjusting the tax treaty with the nations. Different to try the trip. We have done all these steps. This step of the devil is absolutely necessary. 87% of our economy is not official and only in the cash segment where the money will not go to the bank. There are only about 50,000 taxpayers and all others who pay taxes do not pay taxes. “she said. We can survive if this tax on GDP continues, we must do it, we owe it to the country and we do not regret it Says Sitharaman Even if it looks like propaganda , you need a strong and courageous leader to take such a bold step , he said. Transformation, also discussed the fight against corruption and money, even through recent demonetization movements. < / p> In the same panel, Kenneth Rogoff said the same step could have been done more systematically: As to why it can not be done with more advertising plans, Sitharaman said it could have been done, but the Indians were “smart” and would “feel” it and everyone could have hidden it somewhere.SBI director Arundhati Bhattacharya said that the best thing was that there were many crowds outside the bank, but there were no riots or loss of life and the fact that nobody took the law and the order, his hand was great. I received another complaint of misconduct every day, but this is a time when there were no complaints. This is another feeling and I do not know how it is, says Bhattacharya. She agreed that the psychologists agreed with this movement. Bhattacharya says that the tail is a past in urban areas, although some remain in some rural areas. The real problem is that there are many small and medium businesses that make a profit but do not pay taxes. They feel that their earnings will not give them the possibility to publish this business and they are anxious. This is an India where we will have to convince them to go to the tax network if they earn enough money to pay taxes, he said. From 2006 to 2016, the upper Sitharaman said that no part of the country faced problems because ministers and officials were moving. the country to maintain the situation and take the necessary measures. during this 50 day period. I was completely surprised and I respect my citizens for having gone through the difficult part of this exercise, he added. The governor of the Central Bank of Argentina, Sturzenegger, says that they have been thinking about such a movement for some time, that is, eliminating the high value notes, and he admired it. India for taking this bold move.

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