The one formula to find your passion in life

I was passionate when I was throwing hard pointed rocks at other little kids.”I hit him!”My friends and I would climb around construction sites, pretending they were forts. And throw rocks at each other until we were caught by parents. By adults.MovementWhen I was a kid I’d get home and jump on the bike (no helmet) and drove everywhere I could.I’d cross the highway! Hopefully my parents never saw me.I ran up and down the street. We played football on the cement, throwing each other down.Movement gets every neuron creating. Because now you see more things outside of your routine.Routine staples your life to a world of tedium.Movement breaks the staples.ConfusionWhen I first moved to New York and I had my very first vacation, I had no money to go anywhere. I was stuck in the city. So I would walk around.I wandered into areas I had never been before. I was confused where I was.I was confused why other people were out at 10 in the morning. Why weren’t they at their jobs?I wandered from confusion to confusion. Eventually, I started a project, “3am” trying to figure out why people were out at 3 in the morning on a Wednesday night. I was confused and wanted to know.When I do a podcast and someone gives the stock answer they give in every other answer, I get confused. “But didn’t you cry when that company failed?” I asked Ev Williams the other day.How did you get over cocaine? I asked Coolio.I want to know. What did you do?Social IncompetenceI try to learn how to small talk. But I’m not good at it. This is not a bad or good thing. I want to get better.But sometimes at a party with everyone laughing and having gun I feel alone and isolated.I try to figure my way out of that feeling of isolation. How can I have fun also?—I practice being a kid. A kid laughs 300 times. An adult, on average… five.Sometimes I can go a week without laughing. Responsibilities, fear, loneliness, anxiety, regret, can weigh me down.Last week I had too much to do. No laughing.As an adult you HAVE to practice being a kid, letting that child peek out again.He or she wants to come out and play and see the world again. What’s changed?The child wants to know!I’ve had the pills in the mouth. I’ve been divorced and lost two houses and lost a family.I’ve lost my money and been scared and lost a business and had people hate me and try to ruin me.I’ve had people I’ve loved betray me and reject me.I’ve had successes that came from hard work and from 100 hour work weeks I thought I would never survive but I learned persistence and I learned how to make it work.And I learned how to succeed and I learned how to survive failure. Some of the time.I have many passions now. And I know how I got them. Here is the secret:Play like a child + Adult experience¬†= Find your passionBut every day, give the child inside of you some exercise using the 10 ideas above.Then throw in some experience.Love your life. And your life will love you back.—My latest book, , is now out. This book gives you the tools to find¬† satisfaction, meaning, and true wealth as a rich employee. Get your copy here.

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