The Uber way uses technology to ensure safe travel

Over the past five years, booths have used technology to refine and enhance the customer experience. They are trying to use technology to solve security problems. It is 11 o’clock in the evening. My taxi driver seemed eager to come home like me. He announced that he had made 15 trips and it was his last trip of the day. We both watched our watch over the minutes. The silence of the cabin was broken by nonstop calls from home asking where I was. Noticing the attention, the driver smiled and informed me of the sharing function. But I can not help thinking, what can a link do? Even when cab assemblies have upgraded their technology over the past 4-5 years and the trip is available the minute we log out. With the growing number of incidents involving taxi drivers and motorcyclists today, tax gatherers today need to find ways to ensure safe driving and driving. Service providers have taken action on this. For example, Uber has partnered with pubs and bars in Delhi to ensure that people do not drink and drive and have created bookings so people can book their trips. He has also joined forces with the Delhi-Himmat police to promote and help women’s safety. However, Uber claims to be a little further. Pradeep and Apurva Technical security in Uber To become the safest place in the city, ?? Said Apurva Dalal, technical director of Uber. To achieve this goal, Uber focused on driver safety, car safety and road safety. The focus, according to Apurva, is prevention. The Uber Technology Team explains these steps as 3S of the Uber Disk Drive. First of all, is to ensure that the car and the steering phone sensor, help the team to detect the driving pattern. Second, the self-portraits of the driver, and the third is the emotional analysis, which requires an analysis of customer reactions and driver behavior. We are also examining vehicle telematics techniques, prediction and understanding of driving habits. This records data on vehicle movements and driving habits. It is possible to understand if the sudden change of the driver is due to the state of the road or not. All these details, in turn, help us to train better. Explain Apurva. Working on security from an operational point of view With Dara Khosrowshahi as CEO, Uber is ready to reinforce the focus on security. Speaking to videoix at an event in Bengaluru, Pradeep Parameswaran, Central Managing Director, Uber India, said, Today, in India, we implement 9.4 million trips per week. This year, we saw 110% growth in the size of the company. This is a sign of the fact that many people see us as a viable alternative to what they used before. And that comes at the end of a product and the technology is constantly improving. There are both product angles and activities related to that. Today, in addition to the driving and application experience, make sure cyclists are safe. The main concern for cab assemblies. Pradeep says that ensuring a safe journey from the driver’s and the driver’s point of view is essential for product and technology features. Active, it starts by making sure that the pilot is accustomed to using an application. Security features Much of the work is to make sure the drivers are available. the right kind of training and development. This includes behavior, shadows, rider interaction, and body language understanding. Pradeep explained. Another feature is that authorities immediately approach the driver every time they receive a call from someone who does not feel safe on a trip. The Uber ops team ensures that SOS gains in power. Beyond Drivers, drivers can also share their trip details, including route and ETA in real time. All this is done without affecting the driver’s privacy or by disclosing personal information or drop points and specific destination locations. This gives the driver a way to let their friends or family know. In addition, to ensure that the driver welcomes you just as the presenter in the application at the time of booking, Uber has released a Real-time Identity Check, which, adds Pradeep, will complete their integration process. The driver partner account can be copied as multiple accounts can create new accounts for a variety of reasons. What does Uber currently do to help identify duplicate accounts and these accounts will be temporarily suspended? Pradeep explained. Pilot partners will receive an in-app notification telling them why their account has been suspended and will be prompted to check their account by signing in. Unverified accounts will be removed and will be banned in the future. This will ensure that only verified drivers have access to the Uber application, which ensures a safe run for the runner. The self-portraits we have introduced are a way to ensure that partners are the ones who are supposed to make the trip. Apurva added. Resolve connectivity issues Most of the technology initiatives that Uber has done to ensure Assume that an additional layer of security depends on the network connection and the GPS. In India, this could be a challenge to connectivity issues. Apurva says the research team is working to solve the problem. Furthermore, we are constantly innovating at Uber and we look for technological solutions to a problem. What we are looking for at Uber is improving maps in India and reducing calls to the driver. Apurva Signs. .

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