This 20-year-old “Paperboyn” gives you digital newspapers

Available on the Web and as an application, Paperboy provides easy access to a large number of newspapers and magazines on the same platform. With the digital revolution and easy and inexpensive access While most newspapers and magazines are available online, read them all on one platform. The only, your convenience is what Paperboy is all about. In addition, the app also allows you to read them simply because they are designed and printed “in electronic paper format, and thus, with all the glorious folds and neat columns.” Jonna Venkata Karthik Raja, Paperboy Founder How the idea of ??germination Jonna Venkata Karthik Raja (20), founder of Paperboy, broke the idea there is barely 15 months “in February 2016 – but no specific brainwave stimulated this decline. I like to read, he adds, but every time I travel to another part of the world, I miss the paper. Most of them read newspapers when traveling or in meal times. My friends sometimes ignore the discussion of current problems because busy school schedules and universities have given them less. It’s time to read the paper in the morning When I asked them if they could read digital paper, they all said yes, it gave me the motivation to start Paperboy, he said. His last year at Bengaluru CMS-Jain University, for Karthik, completed university and got a job. always seems to be a “stereotype” Is age really important for entrepreneurship? Seeing my dad working on various business projects has helped me build my entrepreneurial spirit soon ,? He told. And if they do not respect me? It’s my biggest fear, “Karthik said, suspicions and fears have not stopped, he continues to create applications for digital media fans who can easily read local and national newspapers in newspapers and newspapers. Magazines – accessible from any part of the world The application allows users to access news online and offline. The cloud platform is accessible from n ‘ any device and allows a person to subscribe to the daily versions of the newspapers for free and online, then to receive be informed for the same.Binding up the press in one application, Paperboy also aims to expand the global base of readers of the press. Currently, the electronic subscription fees are not available on Paperboy.Since Paperboy is a free application, people just need to register on the pla you form, and they can subscribe to all the newspapers about it, ?? Explains Karthik. Something for everyone As the regional press is at the center of concern, Paperboy is targeting mainly Category II and Level III in India and, more specifically, audiences are absorbed by regional news as well as by those who read and subscribe to electronic articles. 3133 cities fall into this category, accounting for nearly 31.16% of Internet users in India. We are also targeting the Indian community , who wants to read his favorite local / regional items? he added. It is a tedious task when we have to persuade the media set up to introduce an application promoted by a (19 year old). Although this idea resonates with many people, it is difficult to obtain publications on board. In fact, in the first six to seven months, absolutely no newspaper. Finally, the first newspaper presented on the application is Eesanje, ?? says Karthik. Their greatest success to date has included Reader’s Digest on Paperboy. Currently, the application has more than 300 newspapers and magazines, while the excellent growth team has grown to 50 people. Beginning Kids are targeting at least one million active users in the first quarter. Work. They have not only reached the mark of six lakh users but also started generating revenue. We are working on an ad revenue model. Our platform includes non-violent advertising sites that do not disturb the reader. Although each “physical” newspaper has ads, it is also customizable for the digital version, not only increasing publisher and paperboy revenue but also giving publishers the opportunity to compete. with news sources. online. The advertisers, Karthik said. They claim to receive thousands of internet visitors, averaging eight minutes, recording about 11,000 downloads per day, or nearly 16.7 million pages read. Currently, Karthik is not seeking funding, but two investment proposals have been made, but Paperboy has just been released and we have not found a significant profit yet. Personally, I would like to focus on serving my customers right now, he said. While many content aggregations exist for online news, each edition publishes its own electronic journal on its official website, Karthik cla ims that there is no A direct competitor to Paperboy, bring all these electronic documents directly to a destination. There are mainly news aggregators portal that allows their subscribers to access the articles available online or to provide snapshots of online news articles. On the other hand, Paperboy is a comprehensive newspaper and magazine that provides a “real time” online experience in print magazines and magazines. he says. They also want to add as many newspapers and magazines as possible. In the second phase of development, Paperboy will expand its links with international newspapers in the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and Singapore, before expanding into other markets. other country. p> After sending your morning paper Kathik juggles between university and agency. A typical evening is devoted to brainstorming with his father on business development prospects. I spend my sunday on family or for my absolute favorite pastime: stealing. Do I have a student pilot license? He added, “My passion for work, reading and talking to new people is what allows me to continue. .

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