This daughter of a freedom fighter and India’s only female command coach helps women learn to defend themselves

Dr. Seema Rao, 47, is the first and only command coach in India. With her seventh black belt, Seema has the highest black belt title in Asia and has been training the Armed Forces of India for more than 20 years. Images: Sema’s father was Professor Ramakant Sinari, a freedom fighter. Your husband is an army officer. Bringing her family heritage forward, Seema teaches close combat with the Indian Armed Forces. Seema is also an expert and trainer in shooting, mountaineering and firefighting. My father told stories about his participation in the struggle for freedom. Somewhere, patriotism has grown in me, ?? Seema said. Seema is also among the 10 women in the world who are qualified in Jeet Kune Do, a special form of martial arts invented by Bruce Lee. Seema also produced a film, Hathapayi, which is the first mixed martial arts film in India and won the Jury Prize at the Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival in 2014. Seema also teaches women the self-defense program called DARE (Defense Against Rape and Eve Teasing). The program is gaining popularity in Mumbai, especially in the business world. Seema said: “I think the DARE program is very important because it allows women, both mentally and physically, to deal with the adverse situations of teasers, sex offenders and other sexual assaults, which is very easy to learn. of women. ” Do you have an interesting story to share? Send us an email to tci Via Contact Us To keep up with more positive news, please, please connect with us and. .

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