This duo cleaning product helps polluted lakes in India

Megamorph is the first and only joint venture in India certified by GC Green by GC Mark, Germany and DQS. Certification implies that the company has managed to minimize the negative environmental impact of its production. Niyati Purohit and Ashwin Suresh Megamorph began operating in 2008 to provide cost-effective, environmentally friendly home care solutions. It currently has three brands under the name, CareClean Home Cleaning Solutions, CareClean Cleaning Solutions and Amora. Ashwin Suresh, 31, and Niyati Purohit, 27, were trained. Megamorph Consulting. Niyati is currently the CEO and Ashwin is the CEO of the company. In this company, a unique market opportunity arises for a paradigm shift in our activities. As we believe that people deserve a clean and healthy place to live and work, we want to create quality and affordable products that do not harm the environment. ?? Ashwin said. CareClean is available in more than 30 cities in India and deals with hotel and facility managers. They brought their products into the retail trade and are available on BigBasket and over 2,000 retail outlets throughout Karnataka. Ashwin and Niyati see growth opportunities in the cleaning industry, particularly with the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan government, because of which the industry is developing into an organized market with new entrants. Megamorph sees a growing demand due to the development of new facilities such as shopping malls, airports and train stations. Ability to provide high efficiency solutions at affordable prices? he added. This year, they want to open new markets in East and Central India. Meanwhile, they are also looking to explore exports to other Asian countries, and are in the early stages of establishing a new manufacturing plant in central India. P pollutant production Pollutants and pollutants from our plant are trapped and treated at the highest levels before to be rejected in the environment. In addition, we ensure that there are optimizations in the use of all resources for production, and recycled materials used at higher rates. Ashwin said. Megamorph also claims that they do not use toxic chemicals and chemical compounds. The packaging material is recyclable and the preservative used in the production is 100% biodegradable. We also conducted end-use testing of our chemicals and determined that they have no effect on the chemistry of the treatment plant and that there are no residues. Ashwin added. Their production process combines the activation of silver nanoparticles in their cleaning solutions. Nano silver is known to have high anti-bacterial properties and makes a good disinfectant. Silver has been used in health care for over a century because of its antibacterial and antifungal nature, as it suppresses cell growth of bacteria. One of the reasons for this is that a nanoparticle has a relatively larger surface area than a bacterium. The use of silver nanoparticles in detergents is known to produce less harmful byproducts. However, even this use should be adjusted because silver nanoparticles can kill some useful bacteria when they come in contact with groundwater. Our levels are within this specified range and usage has also been tested for its effectiveness. The test results are still positive, ?? Ashwin said. Challenge Closing The biggest challenge is to have a few employees first. first. Is it a new business that we do not have customers, and selling cleaning solutions is not a very attractive or cool job? Ashwin said. Ashwin and Niyati soon realized that they would have to break a consumer model where consumers used to buy a particular product from specific brand. To address this problem, they are pursuing a bi-directional strategy: boosting and retailing value to consumers. Since our profits are good for retailers, they have the momentum to motivate and market our products against our competitors. We also discount our products to give consumers a better value while giving it a product of a green certified company. Ashwin added. Megamorph wants to be the no-acid cleaning solution. Although awareness of cleanliness has increased over the years, few people are interested in the impact of their cleaning products on the environment. Breaking that thought and educating special helper staff on safe cleaning practices is a big challenge. He added. Megamorph organizes training and workshops for supervisors and caregivers on a regular basis, educating on rational use of chemicals and PPE (personal protective equipment). The equipment includes gloves, masks and cleaning glasses used during cleaning. They also educate them about the damage that raw chemicals can do by displaying them databases and case studies. .

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