This NGO approach draws music to improve the learning ability of disadvantaged children

Music Basti has worked with hundreds of children through community music projects to create learning and exhibition opportunities. The relationship between music and learning has long been established. The famous Mozart effect, which shows an improvement in the ability to learn when exposed to a particular type of music, has been demonstrated by numerous scientific studies. Although many studies have been conducted for decades on the impact of music on learning and cognitive processes, most education systems around the world have failed. Make a lot of effort to integrate music into teaching and learning. Faith Gonsalves, 27, from Delhi, who believes in using music and the arts as subjects and teaching aids, founded Music Basti, a music education program for children in affected communities. disadvantageous Basti Music was founded as a small initiative by the founding artist in 2008., by Faith, a student later at Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi, with a group of music volunteers. In the early years, the Music Basti program was widely offered through a series of short-term projects aimed at creating learning and exposure opportunities for hundreds of children at risk. Vulnerability in organized child care organizations. Today’s children need more than learning to learn and remember events. Students need language skills, mathematics, science or citizenship, but they need skills in learning and innovation or “life skills” such as collaboration, communication and communication skills. reflection. Talking and innovating to succeed in today’s world. The music is not limited to performance or entertainment, it develops practical skills that can be transferred and applied in the fields of study, Work or social development: each child has the ability and the right to excellence if it gives him the opportunity and the encouragement. “Faith said, since 2008, Music Basti has taught a mix of musical training, writing and performance for underprivileged and young children. children from disadvantaged socio-economic groups find it difficult to access academic and quality opportunities in and out of school, to learn, to be encouraged and to excel, the only thing that separates them from rich friends is the opportunity. Why music? It was a question Faith and her group often asked, she said, “Because today’s educators can not t should not overlook the evidence that music and art programs have shown around the world by supporting cognitive development, excellent learning experiences and social and emotional learning for children, music programs and long-term drama with mobility, memory and recall skills, math and reading skills, as well as confidence and self-esteem, the ability to communicate, to focus and to study excellence. ReSound In 2013, Music Basti launched an annual music program called ReSound, designed to encourage children to to develop the skills needed to reach their highest level.In this program, the group has worked directly with more than 850 students so far, in non-governmental organizations and community schools, and has trained more than 100 The program has three main components: classroom music, teacher training and curriculum development, and through the partnership the program has been launched in private or low-income courses. offering a two-week session The content of the lessons includes a combination of musical training and composition, the culmination of the annual ReSound concert, a public performance for all students in the program. nd, over 850 students have created and produced their original songs about their aspirations, ideas and community. The changes or achievements that have been observed in the program are student confidence and team spirit. Our teachers have also seen the positive development of students in the areas of leadership, discipline, responsibility and respect for others, “Faith said. The content of the program focuses on listening to and listening to music, composition and performance of the game. The program allows students to perform outside of their school during events. , festivals or concerts, as well as Basti ReSound concert music at the end of the year. > The educational resource development team, including extracurricular frameworks, textbooks, and classroom instructional videos, helps teachers or musicians to apply these practices in their own classes. Musical Basti is currently putting his trained teachers in school and in the classroom. A community NGO where teachers can navigate the program. Get public schools in the NCR, work with about 200 students and recruit a team of 25 to 30 teachers who can work in pairs in different classes. Teachers in these programs are selected through an open, public, and four- to six-week public call during the summer. Musical Basti is currently inviting future teachers. “Teachers are pre-screened, interviewed, auditioned and the team is selected to receive scholarships for their teacher training program. They also received advice and other capacity building opportunities through the program, “Faith said. .

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