To install a startup incubator in Oracle India

To help access the best techniques to advise emerging entrepreneurs and startups, set up a nine startup incubator in Oracle India’s main IT industry. Our goal is to make it easy for people to reach the cloud and we do it as big companies want to. Not only provide, but also may be considered a major part of them about the job can change the country A consulting initiative for each person and incubator companies for venture capital funds and the successful start of the E Corian W will help you On learning senior officers, he works with a company called a job in Mumbai even in the ecosystem software company in the world, is the first, having a global dedicated incubator. On Oracle Accelerated Accelerator Acceleration will be the first to be launched in Bangalore – “The United States is the second best-funded startup center” in the world outside – Tomo, The next country will follow the whole with similar centers. However, he said, however, said no specific investment amount for the Oracle initiative has made “” millions of dollars. The company vice president development plan, AB signs, leading’ll initiatives came in a statement of the company in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Thiruvananthapuram and Vijayawada and other centers he created. Following this announcement, the government launched a high-decibel campaign to promote the start-up steps for the development of land and ecosystems. An open-source technology accelerator and technology-based startup companies are working to create effective products and services and reduce the cost of using it, Corian said. As follows: Oracle cloud seminar that you can establish how we were able with our self-service > Startup You will have to apply to be a part of the accelerator and selected people who go through the accelerator program for six months. Selected start will be able to access the Oracle application technology and software through the cloud, and can contact the designers and their engineers. Oracle, which already operates a venture fund project investment approach to the project is not looking, he explained.

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