Too many books, very little time: 50 books easier to read as soon as possible

Hannah Montana Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn tells the story of two friends and their adventure in the Mississippi Valley with the wealth of the rich. The first major American literary work has features in native English, often hailed as the “Great American novel.” War and Peace An extremely imaginative novel about epic proportions, War and Peace see Leo Tolstoy < / a> Narrative stories of Russian individuals in the Napoleonic Wars and the French invasion of the country. Do in your stories, explore the questions of the will and fate of freedom while describing the daily life of the characters with truth and realism. Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky The brothers Karamazov is a novel that takes its readers to the moral and moral struggles of faith , free will, reason, morality and God. Dostoyevsky’s latest and greatest novel is considered one of the best literary works ever written. Legend of Albert Camus Sisyphus Inspired by the myth of a man condemning without stopping Pushing a rock into the mountain and watching it return to the Down valley, the legend of Sisyphus is Albert Camus’s essay on how to live life while facing the absurdity of all. A historical work of 20th century philosophy, the book is one of the rare works that have the power to completely change the reader’s worldview. Searching for the meaning of man by Victor E Frankl p> Finding the meaning of man is Victor’s first version Frankl in the Nazi concentration camp and the way he and other prisoners survived. As a psychiatrist, she manages to share valuable ideas about life with readers, argues that everyone is suffering and that one must find a “meaning” in their life. It makes suffering worthwhile. Harry Potter by JK Rowling Never before has a story attracted readers of the world, young and old, like Harry Potter they have. To find a person who has never escaped the magical world created by Rowling at least once, this series is not distinguished and its large fan base, record sales and the adaptation of the film is a testament to its popularity. Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien Tolkien’s incomparable fable, Lord of the Rings rings, tells the story of good versus evil in a magical land with vivid characters and details. Tolkien not only comes with an incredible epic in The Lord of the Rings, he has created an extremely detailed source story for his fantasy world in Orks like The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby The American Assembly and class issues inculcate it, The Great Gatsby It is a wonderful story of a mysterious rich man who is trying to reclaim his lost love. But the story is not simple; Fitzgerald’s greatest work is actually a tragic tale of stark reality disguised by a simple prose. Annals of Narnia by CS Lewis The seven books of CS Lewis are fantasy. and the most fascinating of all the fantasy novels ever written, so much so that they are now part of the classics of classical literature. With a simple and direct writing style, Lewis managed to stimulate the reader’s imagination in an easy way. And then there’s Agatha Christie Credit image: The world’s best work directed by the best-selling novelist in history, and then there’s Agatha Christie’s from the masterpiece. In the novel, the ten accomplices in the murder, but they have escaped legal punishment, they are attracted to an isolated island under various facilities to face justice witnessed by a true stranger < p> Edgar Allan Poe is a distant writer, far ahead of his time. his room The inventor of detective fiction and one of the first to speak about what we call science fiction, Poe has created great stories to reach readers with his horror and horror. . This special book is a collection of 22 charming stories with themes ranging from murders and treasure hunts to ghosts. Lord of the Flies by William Golding Use a group of students. Stranded on a distant island, Golding invites readers of the book to explore the issues of law and community in society without obstruction by social, political or moral structures and rules. . The Origin of Charles Darwin’s Species The first and most important book to challenge theology was to establish the The theory of creativity, the source of Darwin’s “Darwinian natural selection theory” through a scientific story that is easy to read. Considered one of the most important scientific works of humanity, the book also explains the interrelation of innumerable life forms on Earth. Faust of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Among the most important works of German literature, The movie that sees a Alchemist deceiving the devil without magic, emotion, experience or knowledge can take him to the moment when he wants to last forever. It is a masterpiece in two parts, probably the best polymath that ever existed. Faust is a completely captivating story of a master writer. Cat cradle by Kurt Vonnegut By cats, Vonnegut takes science, religion, politics and ability of committing suicide by telling the story of a man who wants to write a book about the author of a weapon capable of destroying The planet has an extremely humorous and ironic style. The midnight son of Salman Rushdie A historical epic starts with a gifted child. Born at midnight, the moment India gained independence from British rule, Midnight’s Children is a book about a fascinating story about a shaky history against an Indian historical scene. Great Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes is the first modern novel. In it, Cervantes, with an experimental and playful prose, tells the story of a fool and a foolish fool when they embark on a great adventure. Villa by William Shakespeare Considered the greatest work ever written by the greatest writer of all time. It was, Hamlet is the story of a Danish prince and his struggles when he discovers that his uncle killed his father by the throne. John Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath This book is an award-winning epic. Pulitzer, who narrates the disparity of how powerful and defenseless in the United States was affected by the Great Depression of the 1930s. Steinbeck’s novel represents a moral film that questions the nature of fairness and fair in the United States. A song about fire and fire by George RR Martin Credit photo:

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