Urban ladder to expand the modular business solutions in 2016

Urban Ledder Furniture & Decoration works to expand its reach in more cities by the end of 2016, taking into account wardrobe and kitchen solutions. The company will expand the range of its wardrobe services in 16 cities from December to December. The kitchens in Bangalore and Mumbai will be available in six cities by the end of the year. The Bangalore-based company, which Ratan Tata accounts for among its investors, entered the standard solutions sector last year with the launch of modular wardrobes and kitchens. Standard solutions in India are unorganized and affect quality of service, price point and design options, more than 75 per cent of the market. “We are putting our model solutions into three transactions. First, we are buying with home advice to help meet customer needs and understand potential solutions.” Secondly, we innovate with Intensive research into the lifestyle and needs of Indian consumers, “said the director of the urban saloon” Ved-Out Business Baraj Shah “. Third, we use the power of technology to help consumers see their coffers and kitchens better. ” The company has launched an urban storage application for clothing stores and will soon launch a kitchen application. Reservoirs and kitchens tend to buy the highest volume of tickets when people build their own homes, where the company said the kitchen was up to 75 rupees. “The market has great potential and customers are looking for solutions that offer great design and convenience,” Shah said.

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