Vikas Khana was born wrong, and today is the face of Indian cuisine

Vikas Khanna, born in Amritsar, a Michelin-starred chef, has undoubtedly brought Indian dishes to the international stage. Last year, Vikash launched her 1,200-page cookbook, which included dishes prepared in India during various festivals. It takes more than 12 years to complete the book. Development has given business gifts of love to the world’s leading leaders. On April 21, Vikas presented Amritav gifts to US President Barack Obama. The weight book to share the great history and culinary heritage of India’s festivals of efforts written in gold ink, has a huge value about Rs 8 lk. The chef decided he would personally present copies of books to world leaders to promote world peace. In the past, copies of the book were presented to the Dalai Lama, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Hillary Clinton. “This book is represented by India, the world to show diversity and its rich culture Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both a lot of love for India.” A source of pride and pride for normal cooking like me I got a chance to present his book. “I liked when Hillary Clinton said to stop talking to everyone around her because this was in the book or wanted to read,” Vikas said. “It was very nice to meet with the US President thank you for giving them this opportunity, so I can bring my own” / D> Image: S With healing religions power and a world called kitchen gratitude food, to be released during the Cannes Film Festival in May 2016. This documentary begins with development as director of development. Photo: Development has not made it easy. Born in a small hospital in Amritsar, the development of legs and feet was poorly developed (where the leg bones were not aligned together just fine, they seem to be on the edge). Developers, “My mother’s doctor said that the first thing was, said in an interview with S that your son is born with all very feet, my mother refused to believe them.” “Some 30-40 years ago, no one can not think of discussing such issues, I now see that he recognize a different light,” said development, who made your foot when the two weeks old. Despite the operation, doctors told the mother Development that will not be able to walk properly for a few years, will wear her wooden shoes fit Snre her legs will help in training. “China ordered special wooden shoes for me and I had to wear them all the time,” Vikas said. “I did this because of his hatred, I was feeling very ugly and everyone laughed at me and they were very heavy, so I would find it difficult to relax and would feel ugly.The only good thing about them is that with these boots I can easily throw crackers ), “Growth said on the note light. In fact, it was pain that drove evolution to his career. To avoid tampering, she will attract the kitchen, where her grandmother cooks traditional Indian dishes using homemade spices. “As long as I have developed a certain passion because I was at that time seven years old, food, and every day I go to the kitchen, pull out a chair and look busy cooking the amazing Punjabi food with some secret spices … I will ask about spices and flavors and how we got the right mix The growth was attributed to his grandmother who liked to cook, and the kitchen went as part of their basic training. He did not know much that one day he would become a world-famous chef, As early as 2105, FedEx published a story about the development of the Passion Restaurant. To challenge More positive news, please join us and

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