We are the leader of e-commerce in India – Amit Agarwal of Amazon in India

No, Jeff Bezos does not come to India so he can promise to pump his Indian head to Amazon India for $ 3 billion. Said Amit Agrawal, vice president and regional manager of India, who flew to India in 2014 when most fans tested $ 2 billion. On Tuesday, in the presence of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Moody, Jeff announced that the company would increase the size of India’s war to more than $ 3 billion. Amit on videosix I went to make the company’s success story, which will continue to focus on the three pillars of India. “Our focus will be on improving our customer experience,” said Amit, “on all fronts, customer service is not changing in 20 years” . Amit Agarwal, Vice President and Country Manager, Amazon India It is not surprising that Amit continues to focus on what he did in the past, it has worked well for the company. In April, she suggested That Amazon India has picked up 21 per cent with a market share of more than the second largest online market, the same report claims that Fleippart’s market share has fallen 37 per cent, while SnapeDel is now 14 per cent. However, he has a separate claim Amit, From our point of view, we are already the leader … We grew after 250% year-on-year rate. In the fourth quarter, we sold more than last year. Despite the previous year’s growth rate, in the first quarter of this year, we achieved an annual growth of 150%. However, you refuse to submit transaction numbers. Prime Minister Narendra Moody (L) The United States and India Council will present the Reliance Industries business in the Global Leadership Award to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos at the 41nd Annual Leadership Summit in Washington, New initiatives to develop Amazon Now, start a regular grocery to provide services for two hours, will be one of the main areas of focus. Amit said his Amazon operations are now available only in Bangalore, three times in the last three months. The company plans to expand operations in other cities in the near future. Fleippart recently stopped running its own groceries. Used over 10,000 small and medium businesses in Amazon Business, bulk branch operations in Bangalore. About Investment & Acquisition Amit said the core strategy was basically a good job for the company. However, he said: “We are always looking for entrepreneurs and visionary companies to satisfy customers, and will be in line with the core idea of ​​our company.” Amazon has invested in companies such as HyperLocal Services Enterprises Houseway and Bankmarket Online Financial Services . Mobile at the top Over 75% of traffic and over 50% of Amazon mobile sales . In addition, more than 65 per cent of applications are from uneven cities. “The Indian market was the only thing that surprised me about the environment – the Indian consumer vendor at the beginning of the evolution of e-commerce in India is very sophisticated and smart.I know you are new to retail online and consumer online retail sales as they were new, but the speed they used in the system Very exciting and exciting, this (retail on the Internet) becomes a national phenomenon. “Or,” he said. Amazon, in contrast to Alibaba (and many more) Amazon, Alibaba in China, has taken many aggressive steps in India – Invest in Snapdeal and PettyMe. them too. Papa is not the only big player you should worry about Amazon. Tata, Aditya Birla and Reliance Industries – all major groups – have launched online retail operations in recent months. However, Amit declined to comment directly on any of these contenders, saying: For e-commerce in India is fast and for Amazon in India. This is a big market and there will be many winners. Our only focus is customer satisfaction and our long-term views. You should expect us to make strong investments in the market. The public announcement of a $ 3 billion investment is a clear and affordable picture for Amazon India. However, competition is only getting harder, and Amazon and Amit can not afford any wrong way in the form of the fight for the crown of e-commerce.

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