We have to restart by turning to organic substances and Milletsn’s 35 citations “from launch trips in India.

From analysis to agriculture, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurs in these extracts and stories! StoryBite is a weekly videoix feature, with noticeable quotes in our articles during the last week (see previous post here ). Share 35 badges and opinions this week from April 23 to 29 with your colleagues and network, and review the original articles for more details. The first step for any entrepreneur, especially an entrepreneur, is to believe in himself. – Bharati Jacob, Seedfund Young entrepreneurs have to learn to cope with ups and downs and trolls, but it is difficult for the whole area to crack. – Meeta Malhotra, Varana Time is the most valuable currency for a person who is beginning. – Pardeep Goyal, CashOverflow The action is rhetorical. “We are in the midst of one of the greatest market opportunities in the next decade, which is the transition to independent work.” Steven Reubenstone, collaborator. ” This will be the first time that professional journalists and citizen journalists they work together. “Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia There are always problems with eggs and chicken in the market. – Mayur Mundada, AmbitionBox Almost 85 percent of child labor in India is difficult to access, intangible and excluded because they work mainly in the unorganized sector. . – Ministry of Statistics, India Today, people talk about a sustainable life, but start with sustainable agriculture. – Krishna Byre Gowda, Minister of Agriculture of Karnataka. The need of the hour is to gradually reduce the use of urea and increase the use of compost and organic fertilizer. – Ananth Kumar, Minister of the Congress of Chemicals and Fertilizers and Workers We do not want subsidies, we do not want the program, we only want a good price for our products. – Prakash, Farmers Association of Karnataka. We have to restart by switching to organic preparations and millet. – Krishna Byre Gowda, Secretary of Agriculture Karnataka Your attitude to add value to others first is demonstrated if you work for free and provide immediate value. both before they hire you – Deepak Kanakaraju. Razorpay.com AI discovers a poor understanding of the concepts and repeats them in different ways, like a physical teacher. – Sneha Priya, Robotic Millennials often find it convenient to learn compared to other incentives they can get in a company. – Nikhil Sinha, Coursera Every human being has human capital, and this capital must be enhanced. – Vikram Sankaranarayanan, SanLak Agro Sometimes you have to get rid of something good and play with something better. – With a little effort, public schools can also provide quality education for families who can not afford school fees. a private school. – Annapoorna Mohan, Panchayat Union School. We are human at the end of the day and not the “resource”. If you treat people, they will respond. “Vijay Sharma, Belong” Education changes everything: Ravanaiah Education will probably become the root solution to many problems. – Ashish Goyal, Umang Foundation Do not listen to those who scare you. Just listen to someone for you, strength and motivation – Anni Rajani Sharma. Everything I am is what I pursue. ” The only thing that does not follow the rule of the majority is the consciousness of personality.” Truth never dies, it finally prevails, come what may. “Breaking this cycle of inhumanity and demanding justice for victims of child prostitution.” – Tapoti Bhowmick, Sanlaap India < / p> India is a country subject to severe water stress ng and facing the prospect Becoming the most populated country in the world by the year 2050, with an estimated population of 1,600 million people, while only 4% of the world’s water. “Green Peace Report” The main reason why many students find Sanskrit difficult is due to the structure of the curriculum and the Sanskrit language taught at school. – Pradnya Anjal, Vedika With the right exhibition and packaging, not only will traditional art forms be recognized, but artisans will also have higher incomes. better means of life. – Shruti Kedia, Net Deceta There is a large selection of healthy and healthy options for those who work in the office. – Sonal Minas, Twigly. In the long term, players can provide drugs to their customers within one hour of being able to compete. – Tarun Davda, Matrix Partner It is great to see emerging core technology companies from India. – Naganand Doraswamy, IdeaSpring Capital India is an important center in the context of new global technology companies. – Bernd Leukert, SAP “Social enterprise” is a great term, but it also has problems. There is struggle – Amitabh Mehrotra, SPARC India Being a politician more risky than an entrepreneur. “Priyank Kharge, IT minister, Karnataka The world is no longer as flat as other countries in the world are heading and their bosses and Indians need to maintain their own ground and Professional and excellence: Ronnie Screwvala, UpGrad Videosix has also published a paperback book. “Proverbs and quotes for entrepreneurs: a world of inspiration for Startupsn ‘ A creative guide and a motivator for the creators (can be downloaded as an application here :,).

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