We will put the fear of the media, Arnab Goswami in his Republic

[UPDATE: According to press reports, Rajya Sabha MP and entrepreneur Rajeev Chandrasekhar based in Bangalore have invested more than 30 billion rupees on Republican television Arnab Goswamiare. Chandrasekhar, who is also vice president of the NDA in Kerala, is a director of Republic. According to “The Republic will be part of ARG atypical values ​​Private Media Limited, Arnab is a general manager (who was appointed to this post November 19, 2016, a day after leaving times).” Since Arnab announced the launch of its new channel, a number of well-known names, including those from Bengaluru, have left.] In this country, If you do not scream or scream, nobody cares. This was declared by Arnab Goswami at a U25 summit in Bengaluru on January 8, 2017. Arnab Goswami at the Sub-25 Summit in Bangalore. (Image courtesy of those under 25) And judging by the applause and applause of some 3,000 young spectators, there was no doubt on their part. If Arnab had asked them to vote for him, he would have won with an overwhelming victory. Although he did something closer, he chose to use the stage to gather the support of his media channel, Republic, which will soon be released. They shouted Republic, ?? when he asked them what the name of their media team was. Taking his tail, he anticipated the question “The nation wants to know”, responding to what is the Republic. Under-25s have activated a Republican anthem for us in Bangalore! Shout, shout, write, write it and put it down! “Republic (@republic) Hitting its critics, the high priests Said that the media had lost the judgment of what was right and wrong. au for 10 years, Lutyensn ‘Delhi, I saw the decline and near extinction of this beautiful profession of journalist has been compromised beyond belief, ” He told the ecstatic crowd. You and I together will save Indian journalism from the influence of Lutyensn ‘Delhi: taking out journalism from Delhi, leading to Pune and Guwahati, Bangalore, Mumbai, but the national capital. co-opted so they have no right to represent the people, ?? he said, in his signature height. Welcome to Twitter! We are delighted to be your microphone for and nation DY ‡ ® ‡ Ð World 🌎 “Twitter India (@TwitterIndia) < p> Having announced the launch In its media channel on Twitter and Facebook a few days ago, it is clear that Arnab is looking for digital, millennial natives, Gen Zers: call people under 25 what you want, your way of walking. He hit the raw nerve by raising serial abuse and groping incidents in his speech from the beginning. Do you know what happened in Bangalore recently? “He asked, increasing the tempo. crowd. I’m bubbling, I’m agitated I have not missed being in the air as much as I’ve missed in the last few days, he confessed, and added, I felt deep in my heart and deep in my stomach an irresistible fury when I think of the comments made by the minister … I want to know where the media are of the country? What do you find interesting? People ask me why you’re launching Republic. That is why.?? Calling this movement and not the channel, he said that the time has come for independent media. People asked me what is the ingredient of your journalism? For me, it’s not rocket science. It is a list of backups and data. It is about right and wrong. This is not a story telling. People ask me why you do not depend on the facts, I tell them that if I depend on the facts, I would not be a journalist, it would be Wikipedia. Arnab addressing a crowd of young people. (Image courtesy of under 25s) Arnab spoke of the Commonwealth Games scam that his former chain broke in 2010 as an example of his journalism. On December 27, 2016, the accused swindler Suresh Kalmadi was appointed lifetime president of the Indian Olympic Association. Why are the media calm about it? What has happened to the media in recent months (referring to the time since his resignation from Times Now)? By igniting his threatening tone, he answered his own question, the fear of the media has disappeared and we will recover the fear. Neatly dressed in denim andArnab presented an image contrary to his rigid image in his popular program The Newshour, in Times Now. He pulled out the correct words for the Bengaluru crowd, asking them to swalpa to adjust madi, ?? and tell how he likes to come here for his Bengaluru detoxification. He joked about hiring Arvind Kejriwal as marketing director, followed the popularity of AIBare Tanmay Bhatare with young people, answered the questions of the audience and finally did what he did best: let his voice dominate the stage. It is this generation of beatboxers and hashtags that Arnab has chosen to make his new media a success. A generation that is not afraid to say it like that. A well-informed generation when he takes her for a walk. At the moment, Arnab has every reason to be happy.

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