What steps should be taken?

Tips on start-up steps should be taken at different growth stages and the limits of these metrics are not lacking. See for example: previous articles on assessment and profitability, GMV, product psychology, and even startup goals. One of the key measures of the skill, ability and progress of a startup is the performance of it as a learning organization. The School of Business (KM) provides useful insights into how to boot to become an effective learning organization as it determines its suitability for product markets, features, customer solutions and Its business. Here are the top five types of indicators that entrepreneurs must add to their performance dashboard: business, process, knowledge, people, and business. Performance statistics is a necessary but not sufficient reflection of traction, “also described as a technology index Measures like web traffic, app downloads, steps, and online interactions fall into this category. If you perform poorly in these basic metrics, good Rather than go back to the drawing board and start again, “performance in this stage is just the first step towards success. Process statistics This is where real action begins: You can improve your business processes or core business. your customers or your business? business model? acquisition costs, better marketing efficiency, better price comparison services, higher sales rates, etc., should relate to specific problems and pain types of consumers Target your B2C or B2B. Knowledge Statistics This is where you develop best practices (as well as best practices to avoid!). During your launch, gathering information and customer profiles As explained by Eric Ries in his classic Lean Startup (see my book reviews ), startups Businesses are special for companies geared toward product and institutional development in the context of extreme uncertainty, based on the accounting cycle of innovation and the cycle of building-learning-measurement. ” p> The learning indicators focus on learning the customer that is authentic about the business prospects (the most important function of the startup). Start-ups will be able to not only know their field , but to find out u and effective testing in this area.Storage of hypotheses is checked and confirmed “and the speed of development of such quality learning – as part of the success of a startup, especially is in a super-competitive ecosystem. Human statistics These are semi-quantifiable measures of the satisfaction of customers, employees, managers. Your business partner and your level of performance in the LIFE indicator (How do you measure progress against wear and tear? The level of empowerment and the aspirations of your team. External statistics on people include customer satisfaction on product performance, price and after sales service. My bookshelf on wide lens innovation ), the level of comfort and confidence between you distribution channels is also an important measure of humanity. Business Statistics Here are some of the most important indicators that need to be measured against the startup: Investors, in particular, will look at the customer. retention rates, sales and cross-selling, profit margins and competitive moats. These measurements come from the previous types of metrics. There is no end of advice for startups on these metrics, and this may seem confusing at first “but the clarity will appear once you have categorized the metrics and expectations. For example, B2B start-ups (such as grocery delivery) will require significant investment even before launch, and B2B start-ups may also need relatively large investments, while B2C startups need (see the video articles on startup and valuation dynamics ). Many of these issues will be discussed at TechSparks 2016. For example, there will be in-depth and practical case studies of startups at different scales such as Paytm, RazorPay, FreeCharge, Zendesk, HelpChat, HelpDesk, Zerodha, FusionCharts, BookMyShow, Directi, Zoho, MyDala, MapMyGenome and Ola. Sequoia investor, Signal Hill, Aspa da, Blume, Axis Bank and Swan Angels will provide information on their metrology priorities. There will also be full coverage of these tips on metrics in video articles “but for first-hand information and networking, be sure to sign up for TechSparks!

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