What will your CV look like in 2017?

Six seconds. It is all the time you need to get your potential employer to take a second look at your resume. We all heard this statistic, right? The amount changes a bit here and there, but by proving it over and over, we can be sure that we have very little time to make an impression. As jobseekers, what does this mean to you? This is a clear sign that it is time to pumping in mind your time trend. Here are some tips to remember before sending your resume: Pictures: The robot died (or died) One of the important advices previously circulated at the beginning of CV writing was the inclusion of keywords and buzzwords. This is s (or candidate tracking software) that scans multiple profiles that reach the manager’s inbox and allows only those specific people, so the probability of a candidate deserving < / a> is high, but most companies are moving away from these systems because they have determined its space, so you do not need to beat the robot anymore. Be honest and specific about your skills in your resume. Make it visually appealing Fear of the robot is no longer applicable. You will definitely make your resume as intuitive as possible. It seems this is the new rage, with candidates in the creative field such as designers, filmmakers, creative writers and digital marketers who accept it. They show your creative skills, personality and experience at the same time, while many employers think that the profile is not the first time you use them to reach out to hiring managers. Encourage use if it matches the role you are applying. It is reasonably likely that a eccentric launcher is interested in a creative resume. Lisa Andrew, the owner of Red Sapphire Consulting, talks about a origami brief she received 12 years ago. The resume comes with instructions on how to set up his resume. I followed the instructions, 100% accuracy, and he turned his resume into one of the folding games of the 80s. Every square has a resume of him. And, of course, she was hired. If you come from an area that does not encourage such creativity, just add color to your resume to liven it up. Itare 2016 and no one has time to Recognize Useless of these goals after hearing all the candidates declare that they want to use their skills to contribute significantly to the personal and organizational development? Instead, what they want to see in advance. Keep it short and accurate. It is even better because it must reflect the years of experience, work history and achievement of your career. All information that the employer needs to have before deciding to read your resume. Also, include all relevant information, but keep in mind that this is just a summary. Turn off your profile. Easy access to contact information. Restore by providing relevant contact information. Do not allow managers to hire your resume to contact you in their case need to call you for interview. On an online profile, make sure you hyperlink your email address and, needless to say, LinkedIn is the first in this list , followed by Twitter and the rest. However, resist the temptation to include all of your profiles because although designers may need to include Instagram and Behance profiles, their accountants and engineers may not be < / a>. As we told you about ATS death, what replaced them is this social media profile. Keep these records up to date and work on them. Headlines and fonts Employer. So, make sure that you have marked what you do not want them to miss in case they only choose to scan or browse. Keep the titles or phrases in this location bold, so that even those who view your resume will get the complete picture without having to read what is written under each point. Fill traditional fonts like Times New Roman, Arial and Courier for more modern and luxurious fonts such as Garamond, Cambria and Calibri. Standard font sizes can range from 10 to 12 points for the body, with larger sizes acceptable for titles or subtitles. Keep in mind that different people may have different font settings on their computer, so it’s best to send a CV containing unusual fonts in PDF format so that the form is not corrupted. CV trends are constantly evolving and you need to keep updating it every few months with the latest skills and trends. In a few years, social media may eliminate the need for such a resume, but until then, these tips will help you impress your potential employer. .

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