When a secret group of bloggers meet to save the world

I remember it as if it was a day before yesterday or even a day before yesterday. A group of us, a spiritual group. One group never did well. A group. The world is in trouble. And we decided it was time to gather our resources and save the world together. That was in 2007, or maybe in 2009. Or somewhere in the middle. Climate change has torn the heart of the planet. An election rips the fabric of a country’s sentiment. ATMs only provide tears. The danger is like a knife lying randomly on the sidewalk and anyone can pick it up. We are all bloggers. And with that comes the sense of moral responsibility to do something about the planet that we all decide to call HOME. Whether typepad or blogger or wordpress, We know our voice merged into one, going beyond the background noise of unrest that has created a pool of vomit in which the world is swimming. > We need a slogan … somebody says, maybe CB, maybe SG. Maybe GV. Who knows? At this time, history is written by people. According to the biggest Instagram. What I say, is a person who makes people feel like someone. Hmmm, People ?? hmmm when they do not really like but they try to be nice. Choosing- you, ?? say otherwise. ?? tell me. Now the muscle hustle or m well, tell my good friend and lover ____ Let’s change you see ulez see in the world, ?? Gandhi said, but was repeated by S or G or T, it’s okay because it’s supposed to be the best stealing. ONLY! We all came back. It’s people now, looking back, assumed the role of our leader. It does not matter, ?? he says. An inspirational phrase like 40 mg addenda. It has a half-life of 10 hours and is worn out. It will not do anything. People do not pay attention. They only feel good for a short time. I have an idea, ?? My dear says. How about we all take pictures of ourselves by looking at our phone and putting an inspirational phrase on top. That was great, ?? CB said. But we have to be in different places. Like watching our phone on a private plane, on a basketball court, shopping for a cake, while swimming in the Maldives. And we all have to do that every 24 hours. To keep the world turning around. The temperature has been a higher level since we started this meeting in our own bunker. The fact is: We are in a sweat lodge. We are all naked. Our muscles waved from one person to another like The Wave? in the stadium at a college volleyball game. Bloggers are known to be ripped apart. Chopped. Sliced. Jacked. I had some prime abs. I do not agree, I said. Why can not we be honest? Why can not we agree !! ?? RK says. Seriously, I say. Life is hard enough. It was a ruthless joke and our job was to find the punch. Great! Someone said, note that. Then I got dressed. I’m pretty scared. In a dangerous move for me, I used my debit card five times that day. Whenever it is approved? I feel good about myself It was the only approval I received in that year, but I still felt that the machine had lost a second or two and then barely. Everyone argued when I left. I do not think they realize I’m gone. Since then, the planet has cooled down. The level of happiness has risen higher than ever. The world is extremely rich. And love is in the air. I’m very thankful today. You are welcome. Related Reading: .

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