Why politics should be on the board of entrepreneurs

What economic sectors are most disturbed in India today? How can the interests of consumers and the industry be balanced? Who are the experts in these areas, and how can they contact and work with each other? What policies today will require an urgent review tomorrow? What can we do to prepare for the “unknown strangers” of tomorrow? Bibop Gresta, Hyperloop The increasing pace of disruptive innovation that political starts are not capable of These events highlighted the dialogue formats and the results of these multipartite forums. The summit held in Bangalore and saw several personalities discuss the future of technology, especially in the context of India. Those interested in Delhi and Bangalore recognize that there must be more dialogue in technology and politics, “said Shivnath Thukral, general director of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace of India. the innovator pushing the political limits of regulation, said Rahul Mat├ín, a lawyer with Trilegal, who recalled that the laws of access to the digital network in India must be modified to give the multinationals that operate bases from Texas Instruments in Bangalore, 1980. Many things have changed since then, with political implications that affect sectors ranging from e-commerce and the exchange of digital security and industrial robotics taxis, here are my best 15 steals of the event, in terms of implications for technology entrepreneurs and the government. Understand interruption

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