With 80 dayscares in 6 years, the founding year of Priya Krishnann has grown

Priya Krishnanare Kindergarten has established a successful chain of preschool and center schools under both brands KLAY (model B2C) and The Little Company (B2B model). Urban couples live in a nuclear family and therefore depend on childcare facilities to ensure the safety of children and to ensure that children are intellectually and physically active. . Priya Krishnan established her first daycare in Whitefield, Bangalore, in 2011, in accordance with these guidelines. Today, innovative solutions for the school year, the parent company of KLAY Schools and The Little Company, operate 80 centers in seven Indian cities. Priya, 43, began her career at Anderson Consulting before joining the first Bangalore Labs and MphasiS in India, followed by Singapore, New York and London. As a mother of two sons, Priya has had direct difficulties caring for children. She wants to start a series of daycares that can help moms get back to work without having to deal with stress and guilt. Priya Krishnan, Managing Director, Innovative Solutions for Creative Age. Starting with the first center, we focused on building a connected community and providing parents, especially those returning from abroad and the community. foreigners, with high quality childcare systems that are popular in the West. missing in India. In these early stages, we quickly realized that local communities were also looking for high quality, world-class child care. Keeping track of core values ?? The biggest test for a brand since the beginning is s’ ensure that when developing areas, consistency in quality and performance are maintained so that children with the same environment in KLAY regardless of the city in which they reside. For this, it is very important to set up a training module that easily reproduces teachers and organizes team leaders with their collective tasks. Priya said, Since we recently acquired WeCare, we have strengthened our community and our connected business. In five years since its inception, our flagship product line has more than doubled each year, with a CAGR of 182%. Our central footprint has also almost doubled each year. A group activity is in progress at a KLAY daycare center. While KLAY follows a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) model, The Little Company (acquired by KLAY Team in 2014) follows the B2B (business-to-business) model. The B2B model continues to work in two different ways: “on-site and off-site”. The on-site model requires a center installed at the corporate client’s headquarters. In the absence of space in the client’s premises, a peripheral center is installed nearby to meet the needs of many client companies. Currently, KLAY and The Little Company operate 80 centers in seven cities in India and its corporate clients include Airtel, Unilever, Johnson Johnson, Procter Gamble, Ln’Oreal and Infosys. Priya says, I like being involved in every detail of every activity. day, not with the intention of keeping a tight boat but to ensure that the team always achieves a goal, keeping a consistent corporate culture and above all, to ensure that everyone, A teacher, a center director, a regional director and I are responsible for everything related to a parent. I believe in communicating a sense of closeness to my parents, no matter the size of the business and the main difference between a franchise and KLAY. ?? KLAY Group. The KLAY team now employs more than 1,000 people. They also started in Pune, a new market for them. Priya plans to increase the number of centers to 200 in the coming years and also expand their area to Dubai and Singapore in the near future. KLAY was sponsored by VBHC. The research team raised $ 6 million from Kaizen Private Equity Series A in 2013. Last year, it raised $ 16 for Peepul Capital’s B fund. CRISIL study It is estimated that the preschool market will grow at a CAGR of 20% to reach 16,500 crores during 2017-2018, compared to 8,000 crores in 2013-2014. Challenges for KLAY and other key players such as Kidzee, Eurokids and Shemrock have been involved in the fragmented and uncontrolled day care of babies. security As security is an important element of the industry, The three elements in their organization: “Proper training of staff, proper infrastructure and consistent tracking.” Priya said, Unlike most market players, where the same team joins All aspects of security we have developed through specific teams throughout the year to examine each of these aspects. From child and shared spaces to direct access to CCTV for parents Safety is one of the key features of our industry and we aim to play in every aspect of security and safety. Since Priyaare’s husband, Sanjay Krishnan, is also a venture human, his children understand The needs of their parents’ work and their needs to work. However, whenever possible, she tries to spend quality time with her family and on weekends often see her spend time outdoors with children. .

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