With 90 lakh plants; This man from Chennai is on a mission to make the Indians greener

Mullai, one of the five ancient landscapes of Tamil Nadu, is a region of abundant pastures stretching to the horizon. ‘Vanam’ is Tamil for ‘forest’. As the name suggests, Mullaivanam loved nature throughout his life. His father introduced him to the concept of organic farming at a young age and he found great pleasure in growing young trees and watching them grow in the trees. The desire to convey this joy to others led to the creation of a small bank in Chennai in 2008.

This ant, until now, 90 lakh seedlings were planted in Tamil Nadu. He who believes in the power of the collective effort motivates people to join him and hundreds of students, computer professionals and others participate in his mission.

Good deeds are about helping people in the event of a disaster. In my own words,
When Vardha Puyal hit Chennai, we (he and his group) went to help people restore the trees and help them by providing them. eat for free. ?? Mullaivanam, an organic farmer in Chennai, also helps others build and maintain a garden. He also takes time out of his busy schedule to plant trees on the side of the road, because that’s how he expresses his love for nature. When he decides to go on a plant, nothing can stand this way, and this can be seen in all the trees he has spread throughout Tamil Nadu, including in and around the organization. government, school and hospital. Mullaivanam, the enthusiast who left the planet is a better place than we find him, recently filed a lawsuit in the High Court of Chennai. The subject of the petition, in his speech:
Everyone should plant trees by buying a car. Two-wheelers should be invited to plant two trees and four-wheelers should plant four. And it is their responsibility to grow these plants because we all have a responsibility to pollute the environment.

Although he has received numerous awards, he does not intend to take a break from his duties. His next project was to plant a neem seed across India.

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